The Most Efficient Weight Loss Diet Plan Recommended by Cardiologists

This diet plan will help you lose up to ten pounds in just five days. Imagine that, it’s awesome isn’t it. Just remember, if you indeed want to experience the real results you should strictly stick to this eating regimen and consume the below mentioned ingredients in the given order.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

During these fifteen days you should stick to the same breakfast plan which consists of one fruit only, such as an orange, pear, peach, melon or watermelon. You should definitely avoid consuming grapes or bananas per breakfast.

Proceeding with the other daily meal plan

Day 1

Lunch: Eat an orange, one boiled egg and a cup of yogurt (200 ml).
For dinner– eat two tomatoes, or 2 dl of cooked tomatoes, half a cucumber or a small piece of lettuce, two hard boiled eggs and two rusks.

Day 2

For lunch, again, eat one orange, one cup of yogurt and a boiled egg; and
For dinner, eat 15 grams of boiled beef, one rusk, a tomato, in addition to a cup of sugar-free coffee or tea and an orange.

Day 3

For lunch, eat the same ingredients of the previous days, a boiled egg, a cup of yogurt, an orange, adding a cucumber or a little lettuce.
For dinner, take 125 grams of boiled beef, one rusk, an orange and a sugar-free coffee or tea.

Day 4 is finally a bit different

For lunch, take a tomato, one rusk and 125 grams of cow milk cheese.
And for dinner, take 2 tomatoes,a rusk, an apple and 125 grams of beef .

Day 5

For lunch, consume a rusk, a tomato and 200 grams of boiled fish or meat.
And for dinner, you should consume half kilograms of peas, carrots or potatoes.

The sixth and the seventh day you should make a small break of this diet, and then proceed with the same routine on the eighth day starting all over again.

Note: Alcohol is strictly prohibited during the diet routine. And when speaking about boiled vegetables and meat, you should note that you should cook it without or with an extremely small amount of salt.

After the first five days you will definitely notice a weight loss up to 5-10 pounds. After the two days break you should still not eat whatever you can think of, and try to replace everything you’ve missed during the five day diet regime.

But stick to a healthier diet plan too. Repeat this diet regime three times in a row, by only changing the diet plan for Monday which for the following two weeks should include:

  • For breakfast: a cup of lemon juice, sugar-free of course.
  • For lunch, consume a rusk and an apple.
  • And for dinner, take a tomato, one boiled egg and a rusk.

Stick to this plan the way it is and you will undoubtedly lose up to thirty pounds in only three weeks. Try not to miss the order and you will definitely avoid the counter yo-yo effect, gaining the pounds back after cutting off the diet, what many people usually experience.

You can eat the food in every manner, either cold or hot as long as it is in the adequate day and meal order.

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