Water Retention – 6 Ways how to Eliminate Bloating

Edema, or better known as water retention, is a condition in which fluids are not accumulated in the cavities and tissues of the circulatory system.

This condition is common during pregnancy, and it manifests by swelling of the legs, ankles, feet and hands. But, people with sedentary lifestyle are also affected from this condition.

Water Retention

Water Retention

Though it is not a big issue, and is not of any big threat, the water retention can lead to more serious issues, like heart or kidney disease. But in most cases, it can be prevented, and the swelling reduced.

Some of the most common causes of edema are:

1. Excessive consumption of high sodium foods, insufficient water intake, it can all lead to water retention. When the body lacks water and is high in salt, then it makes water reserves and the entire body swells up.

In order to avoid this, use Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt to help you overcome this condition.

2. You lack Vitamin B6 – this vitamin is in charge of the balance of the water in the body. This is especially beneficial for the women during pregnancy who suffer from water retention.

The best way to take this vitamin, in order to get the best results, is through whole foods – chicken, turkey, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, bananas, lean beef, tuna, pistachios and unpeeled potatoes.

3. If your body is lacking potassium, then it turns to the body fluids retention, because it is responsible for the proper function of the cells, tissues and organs in the body.

Not having enough water intake, excess intake of salt and excess sweating all lead too edema. But, potassium deficiency can also lead to other problems, such as muscle spasms, cramps, weight gain and this can all be cured by simply reducing the sodium levels.

Foods rich in potassium are watermelon, melon and honey melon, and consume other fruits and vegetables.

4. Avoid drinking coffee and soda, drink a lot of water, because water insufficiency leads to water retention in the body and swelling of the extremities.

5. The magnesium also contributes in proper functioning of the body so if you do not have about 200 mg of magnesium intake on a daily basis, then it is no wonder that the water retention has caught up with you.

Foods that are rich in magnesium are dark chocolate, whole grains, nuts, dark green vegetables, avocados, yogurt, spinach, peas and dried fruits.

6. Finally, there are the processed foods. Let us not begin counting what is wrong with eating the processed foods.

From sugar and salt to artificial additives, color and toxins that can do more damage to the body than anything else. They increase the level of blood sugar and spike the insulin, making the body suffer from edema.

Detox your body regularly and please do avoid processed foods, not just because of possibility of water retention, but because in that way you can prevent several serious health issues.

At the very end, there are some herbs which can help you in case you are suffering from water retention because of their strong diuretic properties, and among them are the parsley, garlic, hibiscus, fennel, dandelion, corn silk, nettle and horsetail.

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