Cancer – warning signs that everyone ignores

It is of utmost importance to take care of your well being and health, you are all aware of that. Health experts constantly remind us that there are some symptoms of cancer that we can easily overlook. There are some symptoms that may not indicate cancer, but they still have to be checked out by a medical person.

There are over 200 different types of cancer, and some of the most common ones are prostate, lung, breast, ovarian, bladder, kidney, pancreatic, colorectal and endometrial cancer.

The leukemia and melanoma are also pretty common too. Because these cancers are hard to detect, the survival rate is pretty low, so in addition to this we give you some of the symptoms that you should definitely not overlook.

Cancer – warning signs

  • You will experience rapid loss of weight. This happens when the cancer goes to the liver, weakening it’s function. It is common with people who have lung or breast cancer. Loss of weight can even refer to colon cancer.
  • You will feel that your body is getting weaker. Weakness, exhaustion, shortness of breath, fever, constant infections – you will experience all of these symptoms. They are often connected with leukemia or lung cancer, especially if you are gasping for breath too often.
  • Pain in the chest – leukemia and lung tumor are associated with a constant cough or an intense pain in the chest. Also, you can experience a heartburn, which is usually a sign of acid reflux disease, but may also indicate esophageal cancer.
  • You will have bowel issues and bloating. Change in the bowel movements may indicate bowel cancer, and the bloating may ultimately mean that you are suffering from ovarian cancer.
  • You will have a burning sensation while swallowing, and it will get worse as time passes, which means that you have either throat or esophageal cancer.
  • Jaundice. This means the skin and the whites in the eyes suddenly turn yellow. It can be a symptom of liver or gallbladder disease, but it might also mean that you have pancreatic cancer.
  • Any unusual lump or swelling has to be checked out by a doctor. Sometimes, if it is under your armpits, may suggest breast cancer, any lump that stays on your skin more than three weeks has to be examined. The same goes to the skin spots or skin moles.
  • If you suffer from skin, lung or liver cancer, there will be some changes in your nails. They will start showing dark spots, or will be white and pale, or the toes and fingers will even club.
  • A pain in the abdomen, or any pelvic pain that remains for more than one month can be a sign of ovarian or testicular cancer. In this case, you need to visit your doctor immediately.
  • Any bleeding in the urine that is not normal indicates UTI, caused by kidney or bladder cancer. Blood after menopause or between periods may indicate endometrial and uterine cancer. If you are bleeding from the Gi tract it may mean that you suffer from colorectal cancer. Finally, vomiting or coughing up blood may indicate stomach, esophageal or lung cancer, whereas easy bruising and heavy bleeding is a sign of leukemia.

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