Million Incredible Ways to Use Vasoline

Okay, so, we all have one product in our homes that can be used for literally anything, but we are not aware of it. Well, today we are going to enlighten you with one simple product that you just have to have in your home somewhere, and the million usages of it.

The product is Vaseline. Can you believe it? This amazing product has so many usages, that it is safe to say there are countless.



You can definitely use it in your every day beauty routine. The Vaseline is harmless, whether you apply it on your skin, hair or nails.

We believe that we have got your attention now, so if you are interested, stay tuned to find out how the petroleum jelly can make your life easier and much simpler.

First stop – the hair. You can use it to massage your scalp, to prevent dandruff, to cover the tips of your hair with it in order to protect it from the cold weather and split ends.

Next, you can apply it on your skin before applying perfume or body spray in order to make it last longer. You can mix it with sea salt to make a scrub, and even use it in a steamy shower. The feeling you will get will be amazing!

Next stop – the skin. This is going to be a very long list, giving the fact that you can use it for practically everything.

To make the skin on your knees, elbows and feet smooth, to make your fingers and the cuticles around the nails soft, and use it for a simple massage – we cannot even begin to tell you how can you start making use of this amazing product.

And now for the beauty part – you can mix Vasoline with a little Cool-Aid powder and create a shaded and great flavored lip gloss.

Apply it on your eyebrows to make them more firm instead of them being all over the place. In order to make your make up stay longer and be more shiny, apply Vaseline on your eyes before doing your make up.

This will also make good use to your eyelashes – it will sften them and make them longer than usual when you put your mascara on.

Don’t forget – the Vaseline can also be used as a make up remover, and a moisturizer for your skin, because it does not clog the pores.

Finally, if you happen to be in a store trying out a ring, and it is stuck, apply some Vaseline on it and it will slip off of your finger in a second.

To make your shoes shine, clean them with a cloth with Vaseline on it. And if you have a hard time putting your favorite earrings on, put some Vaseline on your ear lobe and they will fit perfectly.

We hope that we have given you enough reasons to try using the Vasoline for multiple purposes. Pick something out of this list and try it. Give us your thoughts and experiences.

John Borsov

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