3 Reasons why you should Urinate Under the Shower

Urinating under the shower is usually considered to be unhealthy and unhygienic. However, there is nothing particularly harmful in the urine, and apart from being economical and environmentally protective, relieving yourself in the shower can actually be beneficial for your health. Here are three reasons why you should urinate under the shower.

Urinate Under the Shower

Urinate Under the Shower

Skin Care

The urine is very effective in treating various skin conditions, including skin rashes and eczema. Many beauty skin products contain urea as an active ingredient.

The urea is highly beneficial for balancing the pH levels of the skin, and it is especially recommended to people who have dry and sensitive skin.

Nail Fungus Treatment

The urine can help you to heal toenail fungus. If you suffer from this issue, you should apply urine onto the affected area. By doing so, you will notice incredible results after only several days.

Wound Disinfection

The urine is extremely effective in disinfecting fresh cuts and wounds. By applying urine onto the affected spot, you will clean the wound, reduce the pain, and relax your skin. Nevertheless, if the wound is serious, you should visit your doctor.

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