Two Women Went for a Jog and Got Attacked by 4 Dogs

Rebekah Forgey, 20, and Isabella George, 19, were jogging in Carroll County, Indiana, when they got attacked by four pit bulls.

The two terrified cousins started to run across the field towards their house to escape the dogs. However, the dogs hunted these women down, and they started to tear off their flesh. According to the police, the attack lasted for 30 minutes. The health of these women is now in serious danger.

The Pit Bulls Bit off More Than 75% of Rebekah Scalp

The dogs ripped muscle from Rebekah’s leg and bit off more than 75% of her scalp. Currently, she is recovering in a hospital in intensive care.

Although she is in a stable condition, the attack caused a permanent damage to Rebekah’s health since she has 75% of her scalp removed. Isabella was bitten all over her body, and she is recovering at her home. Her skin is covered with large bruises and deep wounds.

The Indy Channel reported that the two young women were fighting with the dogs for half an hour. After 30 minutes, the owner of the pit bulls, Richard Darter, attempted to stop the attack.

However, instead of fixing the situation, he got bitten as well. The two victims, along with the owner, were saved by a motorist who saw the attack, drove into the field, and scattered the four dogs. The police found and killed the dogs the following morning.

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