Read About the Woman who Predicted the Fall of the Twin Towers and Much More

Her name is Vangelia Pandeva, but she is known as Baba Vangja. She was born 31.01.1911 and died 11.08.1996, with her home being the city of Petrich, Bulgaria.

Another name under which she was very well known was „the Nostradamus of the Balkans“. She was found to be a visionary of the 20th century, because she had foreseen many events in that region.

Twin Towers

Twin Towers

She was buried in the graveyard that is a part of the Bulgarian church Saint Petka, in Rupite. She had survived the two World Wars, and her political interests were not a mere coincidence. Because of her power to foresee future events with precision, she was very acknowledged.

And how did she get this gift? When she was a little girl, she had been swept by a tornado, causing her to lose her vision at only 12 years old. When she was found, here eyes were severly damaged, with sand in them.

Not long time after that, in about the age of 16, she started having visions. One of the first ones was a stolen sheep of her father’s possession.

She clearly saw who stole the sheep and where they kept it. And after her 30th birthday, her visions became more intense.

Having become popular for her gift, she was visited by many influential and powerful people. Even one day Adolf Hitler visited her, but apparently he bursted out of the house looking pretty upset.

Before her death in 1996, she predicted a lot of major events that would take place afterwards. For an example, she predicted the fall of the Twin Towers.

One day in 1989 she screamed with horror – two brothers will fall after an attack of steel birds. There will be a bush of howling wolves and gushing blood.

Many innocent lives will be the cost. It happened just as she predicted it. On the 11th of September, 2001, the two main World Trade Center Towers (also known as „Twins“ or „Brothers“) were under attack by terrorists, causing them to collapse by crushing passenger plains (steel birds) into them.

The „bush“ was clearly indication of that time’s US president.

She also predicted the tsunami in 2004 (the one that hit the Thai coast), saying that a big wave will cover large lands, and villages and people will dissapear under water.

And this is the scariest one – she predicted that the year 2016 will be the year the Muslims will take over Europe.

Furthermore, she prediced that the African American president would be the last president in the US who fought for the ountry, and that afterwards things will start to collapse in the US.

Thus, China taking over. She made another prediction that in 2018 China will take over the power from the US and become a world leader.

The same year an investigation in space will be conducted, discovering a new form of energy on the planet Venus.

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