Treat your Cough with Onion in Less than 24 Hours

Having an occasional cough is a normal occurrence, usually caused by common cold and flu. However, if you are coughing for a longer period of time, you may be dealing with some serious condition that requires treatment.

Treat your Cough with Onion

Fortunately, instead of taking medications, you can make a natural remedy that will prevent you from coughing. The basic ingredient of this remedy is an onion. The onion is very powerful in relieving your cough.

It is a great source of sulfur which is credited for its ability to treat coughing conditions. There are three ways to prepare an onion remedy. Each of this ways is very effective and, it can treat your cough in no time.

Onion tea

In order for you to make an onion tea, you need 1 kilogram of red onions and 3 liters of water. Cut the onions into larger pieces. Put the onions in a pot of water and boil them until you notice that the water is reduced to a half.

After the tea is ready, wait for it to cool. You should drink 250 ml of this tea. Optionally, you can add a flavor by using honey or lemon juice. You should consume this tea twice a day and, your cough will disappear in just a couple of days.

Onion tea with apples and walnuts

Another way to make an onion tea is to mix it with apples and walnuts. For this recipe, you need 3 liters of water, 2 onions, 2 apples and 11 walnuts.

After washing the ingredients, cut the onions and the apples into quarters and crush the walnuts. Put these ingredients in a pot filled with 3 liters of water.

Boil this tea until the water reduces. You should drink 250 ml of this tea two times a day. If you want to improve the taste, you can add some lemon juice and honey. By drinking this tea, your cough will be relieved in only one day.

Onion juice

An onion juice is not only effective in treating a cough, but also it has an ability to clean the blood vessels and to improve the brain function and your memory.

In order for you to make an onion juice, you need onion liquid and honey. Juice raw onions until you get 100 grams of onion juice. Add 100 grams of honey in the juice.

You should consume a tablespoon of this recipe, 30 minutes before each of your meals. By consuming this remedy you will treat your cough in just one day.

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