How to Treat Tonsillitis all Naturally

Tonsillitis as a very painful issue is usually treated with medicines in order to reduce the soreness, bad looking swollen and white pus on the throat.

But these medicines are quite strong and might have a side effect on your entire immune system, leaving it weakened and an easy target for other infections.

Treat Tonsillitis

Treat Tonsillitis

And at the same time, it might take days for the pills to work, leaving you all exhausted and experiencing serious fevers and headaches.

Therefore, the best solution for a treatment is the one made all out of natural products, which will definitely have no side effect on the organism and at the same time have a faster reaction, actually when speaking about the particular one explained about further, it usually offers results in only four hours after the treatment.

How to prepare it?
  • Take 80 grams of ground cumin seeds;
  • One tablespoon of cognac;
  • 200 ml water;

Start by placing the cumin seeds and water in a pot. Leave it to boil and cook for an additional fifteen minutes until you get a sludgy mixture.

Afterwards, just strain it and add another 50 milliliters of water and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Remove it from the stove, add the cognac and voila, your remedy is all done.

It’s recommended to take one tablespoon of it every half an hour. You’ll notice how after even two hours, you’ll start feeling a pain relief, and after four hours,the pain is expected to completely disappear.

However, this remedy not only has a positive effect in relieving the pain and to cure tonsillitis, but is as well recommended to treat every other throat pain which appears as a result of a flu or a cough.

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