The Treatment for All Diseases – a Simple-To-Prepare Tibetian Remedy

The remedy we’ll be discussing about is an ancient remedy practiced even 5000 years ago. It made the entry in the modern medicine in 1972 when it was discovered by a monk from Tibet.

What is good about it is the fact that it can treat and cure numerous diseases, yet, it should not be used often, but once in five years, due to the fact it’s quite strong.

Tibetian Remedy

Tibetian Remedy

It is used and was proven to have a positive outcomein treating impotence, cleansing arteries, treats high blood pressure, lung diseases, rheumatism, gastritis and hemorrhoids.

It was also proven beneficial for weight loss, strengthening the metabolism and improving the hearing and eyesight.

  • The benefits of the cure and the treatment of the ailments we’ve mentioned is due to the fact that the remedy actually helps to: eliminate the fat deposits in the body, decreases the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, lowers the amount of triglycerides in the blood, prevents the formation of thrombosis, improves the liver function, improves the kidney function, strengthens the immune system and by that all is strengthening the defense system.

The ingredients for the remedy are quite simple and easily accessible, can be found in every household. They are as follows:

  • 200 milliliters of rum;
  • And 350 grams of garlic;
How to prepare it?

Start by cleaning the garlic thoroughly. Then, grind it and mix it with the rum. Place it in a glass bottle or a jar.

Close it well and leave it to stay for around ten days. Afterwards, just strain it and place it again in a jar or a glass bottle and keep it in the fridge for the next two days.

Scheme of consumption

You are not allowed to use the tincture for more than twelve days and on a different matter than the one provided scheme of usage. You should add a few drops of it in a glass of water, before breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mix one drop before breakfast, two before lunch and three before dinner on the first day. And the following days just increase the number of drops by one, until you reach eighteen drops, that would be on the sixth day for dinner.

The following day you should proceed by taking twelve drops for breakfast, eleven for lunch and ten drops for dinner, and proceed lowering the drops until you reach until one, on the tenth day for dinner.

On the eleventh day you should take fifteen drops for breakfast,twenty-five for lunch and same for dinner. And the twelfth-five day, take twelve drops for breakfast, twenty-fine for lunch and finish the remedy with twenty-five drops for dinner.

Note: You might notice some symptoms such as breakouts or headaches during the first few days while your organism gets used to the tincture and as a result of the detoxifying action of the garlic.

Drink a lot of water between the meals and if these symptoms get worse or persist even after the fifth day, we recommend you to consult with a doctor.

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