The Doctor was Shocked After Finding this in a Child’s Stomach

Some of the medical cases we have heard in the past have been almost unbelievable. This is one of them. It is about a boy, three years old, who has been complaining of abdominal pain for quite some time.

Of course, when he was taken to the hospital for medical consultation, the doctors just prescribed him painkillers. Unfortunately, the pain did not go away.

The boy kept on complaining about the same pain. So, one night, his parents took him to a local hospital to have him checked again.

The doctors there suggested and x-ray, and when they got the results, they could not believe their eyes. They found out what was causing that boy to experience so much pain.

When the results came out,, the doctor realized that the previous doctor had made an awful mistake by only giving him painkillers.

Apparently, the x-ray showed that the boy had a clump of metal objects stuck in his stomach, creating the excrushiating pain.

Of course, the boy was immediately rushed into surgery. The doctor who operated him could not stop but be shocked from what he found in his stomach.

His gut contained one battery, a coin and 29 magnets! It looks like the boy, whilst playing around the house, found these tiny objects and swallowed them.

By the looks of the contents, the doctor who operated on him said that this must have become a regular thing for the little boy. 29 magnets are a lot, so he probably created a habit of swallowing them, and he did this for more than a year for sure.

Having the family business making jewelery boxes, he had easy access of the magnets wherever he went.

The doctor claimed that it wass one of the most difficult surgeries that he ever performed. The magnets the boy swallowed started sticking to each other, creating a big magnet ball.

Plus, on top of everything, the magnets were in the boy’s gut for a longer period of time, doing some serious damage to the inside, creating the pain too.

The operation had lasted for good three hours, until the stomach was thoroughly emptied out of all the objects.

Fortunately, all went well. The doctor did an excellent job on removing the contents from the boy’s insides. He pointed out that whether the objects were a little smaller, they wouldn’t have created this problem, for they would have been passed on, and outside the body.

But this is what makes it intriguing. The boy had been into so much pain, it was unusual not to notice it. This should have been spotted much earlier.

Of course, the boy was discharged a couple of days after the surgery. His parents decided to keep away all the material from the jewelery boxes as further as possible.

This story should be a lesson to all the parents out there. Baby-proof your homes in order to keep your youngsters safe and healthy.

Prevent these awful situations from happening, after all, you know what they say – it is better to be safe than sorry.

John Borsov

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