The Cancer Prevention Diet – Seven Foods that will Indisputably Help you with that

Recent researches have shown the impact of a variety of food on the organism, precisely in the cancer treatment.

These ingredients are not only delicious and often consumed, but are found quite beneficial for the total body health and especially in preventing the cancer cells growth and spread. This type of treatment can be even more effective than chemotherapy itself.

The Cancer Prevention Diet 

The Cancer Prevention Diet

During the development of our body, the organism undergoes a stage called angiogenesis, which is the stage when blood vessels are created.

However, this activity doesn’t stop after we’re born, but proceeds later in life when people suffer injuries that cut through the skin, arteries, veins.

This process is also related to cancer spread and contributes to the creation of new cancerous channels.

No worries, because we’re about to present you seven ingredients which are preferable among the population, and carrying anti-angiogenesis properties, they can stop this cancer growth, affecting the feeding of cancers.

They actually feed themselves of the food we daily consume, and what these particular foods do is they slowdown the angiogenesis of cancer, preventing new channels to be created.

One of the reasons they grow so fast is because the discharge angiogenesis activators in continuum, tricking the body that it needs new blood channels,while at the same time spreading the cancer cells unconsciously.

Therefore, most of the cancer medicines are actually inhibitors, trying to counteract the activity of activators and stop the angiogenesis of cancerous cells.

However, this is not even close to chemotherapy, because inhibitors only stop the growth of cancer cells in contrary to the regular chemotherapy which attacks it.

The powerful foods that prevent cancer growth and have an anti-angiogenesis effect

Red wine is rich in Resveratol, a powerful antioxidant found in grape skin. Many nutritionists praise its effectiveness in slowing down aging and decreasing the chances for heart conditions.

It also improves glucose tolerance, eliminates free radicals, bacteria and viruses, repairs DNA and reduces the risk of cell destruction.

And you don’t need to drink tons of alcohol in order to achieve its healthy benefits, but only 225 ml a day.

Depending on the type of wine, the amount of Resveratrol might vary, yet, it is approximately around 640 mg in proportion to the amount of wine we’ve mentioned. If you’re not fond of alcohol, you can even use Resveratrol supplements.

Tomatoes on the other hand, contain high amounts of Lycopene, which has strong anti- angiogenig properties, and is easily distributed and digested in the organism too.

The concentration of lycopene in tomatoes increases when cooked, therefore cooked tomatoes were proven to be even more effective in treating cancer.

Blueberries and raspberries are rich in phytochemicals, ingredients that are proven to be great for cancer prevention. They are mainly effective in the treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer.

Dark chocolate is as healthy as it is tasty to eat.Yeah, you’ve read it right. Not only it can put a smile on your face, but is also great in fighting the cancer cells and relieve heart diseases.

Coffee and green tea are an inevitable drink of the day, and are both known to have great anti-carcinoma development properties.

Turmeric is one of world’s best foods due to its numerous and various health properties. Therefore,it’s no wonder that it got on this list as a possible preventive measure against cancer.

Don’t wait for a problem to emerge in order to treat it. But encourage yourself to a healthier lifestyle and prevent the condition before even happening.

And you already know the key thing is to make a slight change in your diet plan,and turn towards eating more nutritive ingredients, ones that will shield the organism from the harmful disease.

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