Frankincense Essential Oil for Natural Cancer Treatment

There are several essential oils that have shown a great potential in treating cancer, including ginger, cinnamon, mint, grapefruit, rose, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, lemon, and thyme oil. Frankincense Essential Oil One of the most effective essential oils in treating this… Continue Reading

5 Anti Inflammatory Herbs and their Health Benefits

There are several herbs that are extremely healthy for your body due to their rich nutritional value. Apart from adding flavor to your food, these herbs can significantly improve your immune system and, they can protect you from numerous undesired… Continue Reading

Lower your High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels with this Simple Remedy – While at the Same Time Strengthening the Immune System

The wonders of alternative medicine were proven and discussed more than a thousand times. Yet, here we are again sharing another miraculous recipe from the prominent Amish culture, one that indeed does wonders to the overall health boosting the immune… Continue Reading