Sun Tan Remover

Do you know how important tanning is for your skin? The entire process of tanning and detanning your skin should be done with precision and care.

One wrong step and you can damage your skin for good. Well, instead of risking going to the salon for some expensive treatments, we are going to show you today how to reverse the tanning process with a simple home remedy.

Sun Tan Remover

But first, before that, let us briefly explain what tanning is and what it does to the body. Tanning is body’s way of protecting itself, and all the organs from the UV light we are exposed to during the summer days.

The UV rays are not only dangerous to the skin, but they can do harm to the internal organs as well.

To keep the body safe, the skin produces melanin, and when directly exposed to the sun, the skin automatically produces it in order to protect us. As the exposure to the sun rises, the melanin gets darker and darker.

Make sure that this summer you apply good sunscreen protection on your skin with a proper amount of UVA and UVB protection.

Now, in order to lose the darkened skin, people usually buy some products which contain bleach, and they damage the skin. But, with this remedy, your skin will remain healthy and you will get your natural tan within a short period of time.

For the preparation of this organic mixture you will need one tablespoon gram flour, one tablespoon milk powder, ½ tablespoon of honey, ½ tablespoon of lemon juice, and two tablespoons of milk.

Now take a small bowl and mix all the ingredients together, except for the milk. You will create a mixture, and what you have to do next is apply it on a clean face. You can use synthetic brush to do it or you can just use your fingers, whatever works best for you.

Now, the part with the milk is the tricky one. You have to apply a layer of milk every 4 to 5 minutes on top of the mask in order to make sure that the mask does not dry out.

You have to keep this mask moist for at least 20 minutes so that the first layer of your skin, that is the tanned one, can melt off easily and be removed from the face with no problems.

After the 20 minutes are over, massage your mask on your face for about five minutes. You can add milk if you think that the mask is getting too dry.

The mask has to feel soft, like a cream, because if it is even a little bit crunchy it will not help your skin get it’s normal tan back. After you are done with the massaging part, use lukewarm water to wash the mask of your face.

To obtain the best results, repeat this process once in a week. You will be amazed by the results, and you will want to share them with your friends, believe us.

John Borsov

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