Lose Weight, Feel Better – Sugar Detox in Just 3 Days

Sugar is really pretty much to blame about the improvements in your weight that you expect, but can’t get. A regular persons day I filled with consuming it, and most of the time without realizing they do.

Sugar can be found in everything – snacks, cereals, drinks, candy. But, we also receive sugar as simple carbohydrates through fruit, such as mango, honey, fruit juices etc. We hardly ever think of them as harmful, but the body cannot take as much as we give to it.

Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox

Over-consumption of sugar can only lead to several diseases – everything you can imagine from dizziness, headaches, depressions to heart diseases, and the progression of breast cancer.

Always, always be careful not to consummate more sugar than needed. The body chooses the amount of sugar it needs to run properly, and stores the rest of it as fat.

Nonetheless, you might not want to cut back on your simple sugars – because those are the important ones. The sugar that can be found in snacks and cereals is not the type of sugar your body requires, so it is instantly transferred into fat. So, if you are a sugar addict, after a while it starts to show on your face and body.

A little tip – if you want to cut back on your sugar intake, I will tell you, you’re not going to succeed in it.

Cutting back will only trick the brain for a while, and in the meantime your brain will play tricks on you, making you feel fatigue, sadness and cravings, until your mind speaks to you that maybe, just maybe a couple of small bites more will not harm you.

Then you’re back where you started. This is most likely to happen after you’ve had your meal. The brain will again, trick you into thinking you lack sugar, so next thing you do is grab a bag of sweets.

It is not normal and it will not do you any good. That is why my suggestion is to cut the sugar out completely.

Yes, at first it will be tiring and terrible and you will probably hate it, but if you succeed in the first couple of days, I promise, it only gets easier from there.

You can also do a sugar-detox diet, which lasts for only three days. It is mostly combined of steel cut oats or scrambled eggs, berries and nutty fruits for breakfast.

For lunch you should eat chicken and a lot of vegetables (boiled of course), such as carrots, broccoli, beans, green or red cabbage and so on. Dinner usually consists of fish with green steamed vegetable, or mushrooms.

An additional thing you can do is drink detox drinks. If you do not feel like succeeding in the process of sugar cleansing, this is the way to go.

You can drink unsweetened tea three times a day or unsweetened coffee only one time a day. The last drink you could use is a detox-water.

It consists of cucumber, sliced up in circles, a lemon, also sliced up, two cinnamon sticks and a small piece of ginger sliced up in cubes.

You add 2L water to it and leave it for the night in your fridge. You must drink the entire water within the following day, and you can reuse these ingredients for 3-4 days, but the results and the lightness of the body they bring is more valuable than anything.

So, to sum it up, never forget to: drink a lot of water, it never does you harm, keep away from products that contain artificial sweeteners.

Please, fight against your cravings, because the detox is the hardest part, you have to get through it. Nuts and seeds are always a good idea, and don’t forget the vegetables (especially the green ones). Eat as much salad as you can.

I hope you will come out of these three days as a winner, the next step I advise you to take is to talk to a doctor or nutritionist about a longer diet, one that will shape your metabolism into a brand new way, and thus make your organism slowly receive healthy sugars.

John Borsov

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