You will Stop Wearing Bras After Reading this

There is a holiday known as the National No Bra Day, and it is celebrated on the 13th of October. It’s main cause is to raise the awareness on the topic of breast cancer and to gather findings for further research on the same topic.

Even though some women love wearing bras, and wear them all of the time, and other dislike them and refuse to wear them, a scientist found out something that will make all of you think twice before putting on a bra next time.

Stop Wearing Bras 

Stop Wearing Bras

A study that was conducted by a sports science researcher, Jean – Denis Rouillon has proven that the bras have a bad impact on the women’s health.

In his 15 years of dedicated research on this topic, and studied the effects bras have on women aged 18-35, he found out that they do not offer breast support, but that they have the opposite effect.

As stated in the research, the women who did not wear a bra had a 7mm lift in their nipple area. The ones who were wearing bras had restricted blood circulation and reduced tone of the breasts.

The women who were part o this study choose not to wear bra willingly. According to many other doctors, the decision of not wearing a bra is a good one, because it boosts the elasticity of the skin, increases the production of collagen, enhances the breast lift.

Unfortunately, because of the small number of women who participated in this study (about 300 of them), the results cannot be taken seriously. More research has to be done on this subject in order for women to take it as serious as they should.

This is why all of the women should wait before they decide to throw all their bras away. Even though there is a risk of creating some permanent damage, it has not yet been proven scientifically, so until that is done, take care of yourself.

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