These Foods will Give you Cancer – Stop Eating them Now

In order to achieve a good figure and a healthy body there are two key „ingredients“ – the first one is to consume healthy food, and the second one is to do regular exercises.

But even though we try to input this regime into our lives, we still have no idea how much damage some foods do to us.

Stop Eating these Food

Stop Eating

Labeled as healthy products, but actually containing just the opposite properties, manufacturers convince us that we are dieting healthy by not telling the truth on the labels of their products.

Because of this, we have done some thorough research in order to create a list for you. This list is complied of products you should never eat, or if you already do, throw them out immediately.

1. Farmed salmon – every diet suggests consuming fish twice a week, because it is filled with nutrients that are helpful to the body. Only, this is not the case with the fish we actually consume.

More than half of the fish in the US is bred on farms, meaning that farmed salmon is probably not a good idea to serve for dinner.

The farmers there use all kinds of pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals to make the fish grow bigger and resistant to any diseases.

That is why, when buying salmon, make sure it is wild instead of farmed. And not just for salmon, this reffers to any other fish.

2. Tomatoes in a can – we know that everything that comes in a can is not healthy, but the tomatoes are especially to be crossed off the list of healthy foods.

Why? Firstly, because the cans in themselves contain Bisphenol A lining, which contains carcinogens.

And second, the tomatoes inside are high in acid, which eats away the lining, and the tomatoes inside end up with this carcinogenic treat. Make sure you buy tomatoes in a glass jar or bottle instead of a can next time.

3. Processed meat – all of the processed meat you can imagine, from hot dogs and bacon to sausages contain chemicals such as sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate, in order to make them look fresh.

But, unfortunately, these chemicals are connected to some types of cancer, especially colon cancer, so do try and avoid consuming them.

4. Red meat – some recent studies show that red meat can cause colon cancer. An American study, which involved 150 000 people of a later age, showed that the red meat can be a factor in the risk of suffering from a colon cancer. On the other side, fish and poultry will preserve your health as long as possible.

5. Refined sugar – they increase the blood insulin level at a fast rate, creating an environment suitable for cancer cells.

Juices, pies, sodas, cereals, cakes, cookies contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), increasing the risk of cancer.

6. Soda pop – well this is an obvious one. People who drink soda every day have a higher risk of experiencing a stroke than the people who don’t.

Other than being a reason for gaining weight, they are filled with coloring, food chemicals and of course sugar. All of these ingredients fill the body with acid, causing cancer.

7. Potato chips – also an obvious one. The definition of the potato chips is fat, salt and calories. And do not even start with the additives, colors and artificial flavors.

The list would be never-ending. Plus, by frying them on a really high temperature, harmful compounds are created, such as acrylamide. This same compound is a carcinogenic one, and also found in cigarettes.

8. Microwave popcorn – the bag with popcorn is filled with lots of different chemicals, some of them leading even to infertility and several types of cancer, including lung, pancreas, liver and testes.

9. Smoked, salted or pickled foods – to make the most of the taste, all of these products are produced with
nitrates and nitrites, especially the smoked meat, which is exposed to tar.

Tar is a cancer-causing agent, and a well known one. Bacon, sausage, bologna, meats who are high in salt will increase the risk of developing colorectal and stomach cancer.

10. Finally, the GMO’S – all GMO products are known to do damage to the body, so avoid them at all costs.

In order to protect yourself and the ones around you, and to preserve your health,keep away from these products and replace them with fresh, organic food. Your body will be grateful for the change.

John Borsov

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