Autistic Boy Starts Speaking Again Thanks to the Cannabis Oil

At the age of mere ten months, a boy from Puerto Rico, Kalel Santiago was diagnosed with cancer. He had a very rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

Because of his condition, he endured many chemotherapies, radiation treatments, and even a surgery – all in the time frame of about two years. Thankfully, at the end, he survived.

Unfortunately, after that he was diagnosed with something permanent – he had severe autism. Because of it, his power of speaking was disabled.

His father Abiel Gomez Santiago spoke for Yahoo News, saying that when they were in the hospital, they had noticed that the little boy did no speak at all and was acting somewhat strange.

They noticed him showing signs of a strange behavior when he started clapping his hands, flapping them, and walking on the tips of his toes.

But, besides all of that, they waited until the boy turned three years old to take a good look into that situation and his behavior.

According to what the father said, he and his wife Gladys, who are parents of two other boys (they are now 18 and 20 years old), took a cram course in order to educate themselves about autism.

They have tried really hard, looking for different programs and schools, as well as therapies. Eventually, they have found the place which brought them success – a unique school with surf therapy, located near their home.

Eventually, this family stumbled upon a treatment that proved to have a lot of potential – and it was the CBD oil.

They could not afford it, so through a fundraising program they succeeded in getting one tiny bottle of that oil. Kalel took the treatment in a shape of two oral dosages within a day.

And the miracle happened – within only two days Kalel was able to speak. He surprised everyone at the school by saying the vowels out loud.

It was the first time he had ever done that. Even the teachers were amazed! They were filled with emotions upon hearing the boy’s voice for the very first time.

One of the teachers recorded him speaking and sent it to his parents. They said that the only thing that could made him do this, the only habit they changed is adding the CBD.

Soon after that event, he even started adding consonants into his speech, and had started speaking like his parents could have never imagined. He even succeeded in telling his mom that he loves her.

The parents cannot begin showing their gratitude towards the CBD. Kalel’s story is another heart piercing evidence of how we should definitely consider legalizing the cannabis oil and the medical marijuana.


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