10 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

The human body is a very tricky matter. One thing connects to another, going a full circle, making the system work properly. What is of utmost importance when it comes to our health is a good circulatory system.

Where there is poor blood circulation, there are symptoms for it, and there is a reason to worry. What can lead to these symptoms is obesity, drinking, smoking, and every kind of an eating disorder.

Poor Blood Circulation

Poor Blood Circulation

The issues it may cause? Blood clots, numerous heart diseases and diabetes. This is a pressing issue to discuss and in addition we give you some of the warning signs of poor blood circulation. Suggestion – read them carefully.

When there is a decreased blood flow, the kidneys are unable to perform their task to carry out the blood to where it’s needed, so it stays in one place, settling around the tissues.

This causes swelling of the lower extremities. Although swelling can be cause by sedentary way of living, pregnancy or PMS, if one experiences this constantly, and it can’t be solved by raising the legs above the level of the heart, one should with no doubt consult with a doctor.

These symptoms, including the exposure to cold and lack of vitamin B12 can also be the cause of numbness in the extremities.

Similar to the previously mentioned, if experienced for a longer period of time, it may be because of low blood circulation, and should be consulted with a medical person immediately.

In addition to this, if you have cold hands and feet can also mean that the blood does not circulate very good to get to the furthest ends of the body.

This can be solved by rubbing the hands and feet, provoking the blood flow, but if you often experience this, do consult a doctor.

The slowing down of the blood circulation can be noticed not only in several parts, but on the entire body, inside and out.

Constant tiredness and fatigue may be ignited by excessive alcohol or caffeine intakes, depression, stress, insomnia and inactivity, thus weakening the immune system and making the body prone to injuries.

This means that the body is more likely to suffer, and any wound would take much more to heal, and it is all because the blood circulation does not deliver the necessary vitamins and minerals throughout the entire body.

It can further contribute to rapid hair loss. When the scalp does not receive the vitamins it needs, the hair becomes dry and quickly starts to fall off.

And not only the hair, bad circulation can lead do dry skin and damaged nails. To improve this, include exercise in your daily routine for at least half an hour.

Moreover, beware of varicose veins. They are easy to detect, they are swallen and extremely visible. Due to lack of circulation, the veins pop, making the person experience leg pain and heaviness.

It is essential to speak to your doctor if you are dealing with this, and be prescribed a medicine or proper treatment.

ED is an abbreviation for erectile disfunction. It is commonly thought to have connection with cardiovascular diseases, but it can also be caused by low blood flow, contributing to difficulties in the reproductive male organs. Men suffering from ED should take into serious consideration to pay their doctor a visit and deal with the problem.

The next paragraph is advised to be read with great attention, because it contains the most serious causes where the body lacks blood circulation.

Cyanosis is a term which describes when the oxygen level in the blood is decreased. It causes the skin, lips, gums and even fingertips to turn blue. Be sure to seek medical advice if you happento notice signs on your body.

Finally, there is the heartburn. Experiencing heaviness or tightness in the chest usually means that the heart, which pumps the blood through the body, cannot function in an adequate manner because of the decreased blood flow. This can turn out to be a life-threatening issue, so please advise with your doctor as urgently as possible.

Even though we provided you with a couple of tips, here are the most important actions you can take in order to prevent low flow of blood in your body. Be sure to get enough sleep and handle stress in a way that cannot have any effect on you, eat healthier, and include a lot of fiber in your meals.

Quit smoking, decrease the level of alcohol and caffeine, instead of coffee, drink green tea. Always pay attention to your posture, a straight spine means a long life, get sufficient excercise, and be sure to wear comfortable shoes, so you don’t strain your legs as much.

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