Several tips to keep you awake when fatigue overcomes

After the baby arrives the mother starts feeling tired during the day because of the many sleepless nights. At first the baby wakes up every two hours in order to be fed. But the mother has to be with the child during the day also, and doesn’t have the time necessary for her to rest down.

You can use the times when a closer visitor comes in order to spend some time with the baby and you can catch more or less rest. Or the best way to get some sleep during the night is to invite a sleepover (your mother or one of your friends) that can take care of the baby (and bottle feed it) and you can rest your eyes and get your brain to function again. Drink more water from 8-12 or more glasses of water a day in order to maintain your body hydrated and able to function. If your torso is not hydrated, and if we add the fatigue to that, and the insomnia, it will guide you to a physical breakdown. That’s why you must regulate this one by one. Try and do a bit of a work out in order to shake up your organism a bit. You’ll restore a bit of your energy. And also if you get to practice this several days in a week it will serve your figure and shape. A refreshing shower afterwards will be just the deal to freshen you up. You should use some peppermint scented shower creams or a jasmine.
The morning represents the day. That’s why you need to use every sunny moment there is. After you get up,go outside and stay there for a while, soak up some of the sunlight beams. It will awaken your organism and heat you up in a natural manner.Besides, never skip the breakfast, it is the most significant meal.That’s why you should feed well, and first thing in the morning, cook yourself a healthy and energy full portion which will keep you up till the lunch time.If you start feeling weary, you should bring an energy snack like a protein bar.And eat only healthy food and a bunch of vegetables and fruits.You’ll strengthen your organism, and also encourage your milk supply, and wouldn’t need to concern about the nursing. Your kid will be healthy as well. You’ll both love each other’s fellowship and you wouldn’t blame it for your fatigue, simply learn to relish in each time spend with your child.


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