The Man Who Rescued 669 Children During the Holocaust Gets a Wonderful Surprise

Sir Nicholas George Winton, a British humanitarian, organized an escape of 669 children, most of who were Jewish, from Nazi Extermination camps.

He managed to bring the children from Czechoslovakia to the safety of Great Britain in an operation called the Czech Kindertransport.

The rescue took place before the outbreak of World War II, and the world found out about his righteous deed nearly 50 years later.

By 1938, Sir Nicholas was a young stockbroker in London. At the age of 29, he went to Prague to see how he could help the Jewish refugees to flee the Nazi occupation.

He organized foster families for the Jewish children in England. The children traveled to Britain on eight trains across four countries. They had incomplete documentation, so he persuaded custom officials to allow the children to stay in Britain.

Sir Nicholas remained quiet about his heroic work for half a century until his wife found a scrapbook with a list of names and pictures of the children he saved, and documents with details about the story of redemption from the Holocaust.

In 1988, he spoke for the first time of his actions to deliver the children who were destined for Nazi extermination and concentration camps, just like their parents who gave them up in order to save their lives.

After 50 years, the saved children gave Sir Nicholas the most heartwarming surprise one can get.

Rescued 669 Children During the Holocaust

John Borsov

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