5 Reflex Points on your Baby’s Feet That Will Immediately Make Them Stop Crying

Reflexology is a Chinese practice which requires applying pressure to specific points on the body. According to the reflexologists, these points are closely related to different organs and systems in the body.

The application of pressure to these reflex points can help you to heal various health problems. Reflexology is one of the most natural and safest treatments, which makes this therapy perfect for relaxing babies.

Reflex Points

Reflex Points

The babies usually respond to any physical pain by crying. This therapy will help you to determine what your baby is experiencing, as well as how you can fix it.

Here are some health problems that can be treated by pressing these reflex points on your baby’s feet.


The pelvic area is linked to the heels of your baby’s feet. Certain issues which commonly affect the pelvic area, such as postural problems and muscle tightness, can be healed by applying pressure to the heel area of your baby’s foot.

Upper and Lower Abdomen

Performing reflexology on the arch of the foot will help you to treat any issues related to the abdomen. The upper half of the arch corresponds to the upper abdomen.

The application of pressure on this area of your baby’s foot will help you to relieve digestive problems, such as heartburn and bowel obstruction.

The lower half of the arch, on the other hand, correlates to the lower abdomen. Applying pressure on this area can help you to treat post-digestive problems, such as bloating and constipation.


The top of the foot that touches the ground, which is located above the arch, is related to the chest area. Performing reflexology on this area will help you to relieve chest congestion.

This therapy is especially beneficial for healing colds that are responsible for causing phlegm build up, as well as for treating chronic colds.


The sinuses are linked to the center of the toes. Applying pressure on this area can relieve various sinus problems, such as a runny nose, common cold symptoms, and other respiratory issues.

Even though this therapy cannot cure the health condition, it can significantly reduce its symptoms and make them more bearable.


In order to heal issues which are related to the head and teeth, you need to rub the tips of the toes. By doing so, you can treat many health problems that affect the head, including ear infections.

Rubbing these parts of the feet is particularly helpful when your baby is teething because this therapy is effective in reducing the pain.

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