Athlete’s Post Pregnancy Photos

The body changes all throughout our lives. We grow, we develop, we fall, everything can leave a mark that is visible to the eye.

But probably one of the most visible marks a body can get is connected only to the female body, and it is the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy Photos

The pregnancy is a wonderful feeling, but after the baby is born, most mothers are ashamed of their bodies and they either try to hide them with baggy clothes or they either work their way to a tightened skin and try to get back some of their looks before they got pregnant.

It happens even to the moms that have trained profesionally before they decided to have a baby.

Often we see pictures of celebrities who have recently had a baby, and after only a couple of weeks, show off their perfectly fit bodies on Instagram or Facebook.

This is not one of those cases. A mother, Stephanie Rothstein, who is a 32 year old athlete, is one of those moms who are not afraid to show their post pregnancy belly.

Even though she is a highly respected athlete, currently training or the Olympics as a representative of the United States team, after two pregnancies, her stomach looks flabby and it is highly unlikely that she will get the previous look of her stomach back. Ever.

She is aware of this fact. Stephanie is conscious about her body, the changes it went through, and is fine with the fact that it may never look as it did before. The pregnancy itself stretches the abdomen and does big changes to the body.

When this happens, the only thing you could do is be proud of it. See it as an accomplishment rather as an issue, wear your body proudly and focus on what you can improve. And also, be self-confident. That is all that matters.

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