Do Not Dare to Drink this in the Morning

We all have a nightstand right next to our beds. We keep the things we need the most – alarm clocks, a book, glasses, maybe some vitamins, and a glass of water. Well, today we are going to tell you something you’ve been doing wrong this entire time.

We already presumed that you have a glass of water right next to your bed, right? Well, has it ever happened to you that you leave the full glass there just before you go to bed, and drink it the next morning, right when you wake up? Well, do yourself a big favor – never drink that water again. Here is why.

Not Dare to Drink this in the Morning

Not Dare to Drink this in the Morning

The water we drink, different than any other food or beverage we are familiar with, does not contain proteins nor sugar, and therefore it’s microbes can be easily contaminated.

There is even a logical explanation for the strange taste of the water you left overnight on your nightstand. When the water is in touch with the air, and part of the CO2 converts into carbonic acid, which means that the water i no longer safe to drink due to it’s exposure to chemical changes.

So, basically this happens – when the carbon acid disposes one or two protons, it turns into carbonate or bicarbonate, thus reducing the pH in the water and changing it’s taste.

Now remember this – the next time you reach for your glass of water you put next to your bed the previous night, stop and think twice. This water had previously been exposed to some kind of bacteria, and large amounts of dust.

It does not mean that the water is tainted, but it has been left out there for a longer period of time, meaning it would be best for you not to drink it. Throw it away and get another glass of fresh water instead.

John Borsov

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