Never Eat these Foods – they are Dangerous

Some of the foods you eat should not even be a part of your dietary plan. You are not aware how much of a bad influence they have on your body, because not even nutritionists tell you about them.

The following group of foods which you should never consume have been disguised so well, that when they enter the body, it does not know what to do with them.

Never Eat these Foods

Never Eat these Foods

They are made from the humans, and are genuinely not filled with nutrients. They can do irreversible damage to the body.

1. Flour – it has never really looked dangerous, but it has the same effects on the body as the sugar, pressuring the pancreas and disbalancing the blood sugar levels.

The wheat, when being processed, loses all of it’s nutrients, and by processing it it makes it bad instead of good, so the advice here would be to avoid flour.

2. Sugar – this one was expected. It is the main cause of diabetes and obesity, and terrible for the liver, pancreas, nervous and digestive system.

But not all sugar has bad effects. The natural sugar, found in the honey or fruits, if taken moderately, can have good effects on the body.

3. Milk – instead of being the main ingredient in helping us get stronger bones, as we get older, it only does us harm.

This is because the body cannot digest as much lactose in later age, causing bloating, inflammatory illnesses, food intolerance, and creates an acidic environment in the body.

And to top it all, this milk is filled with chemicals, warmth, hormones and who knows what else. So, if you want to drink milk, switch the regular one with rice or coconut milk, it is much easier for the body to process.

4. Donuts – willed with flour, sugar and trans-fat. The worst combination for your body and especially for your heart. Eating donuts will increase the possibility of diabetes and any form of a heart disease.

5. Fast food – the name speaks for itself. Food that has not been given much thought into, prepared in a fast way, and does harm to the body. If you eat it regularly, every day, it will come with extreme consequences.

6. Sodas – a drink that has absolutely nothing to provide the body with. Filled with chemicals and sugar, making the body lose the compounds it already has.

Imagine what a soda can does to your body, when a research found out that one can contains ten teaspoons of sugar. These drinks trick the body to crave for more sugar, ultimately leading to diabetes.

7. Processed meat – filled with sodium and nitrates, cause a great threat to the body. Why? Because when the body consumes nitrate, it transforms into nitrite, causing formation of nitrosamine, causing colon cancer.

8. Potato chips – this kind of food, when exposed to great temperature, actually creates carcinogenic compounds.

The potato chips are also high in sodium, raising the level of cholesterol and the blood pressure, increasing the risk of a stroke or a heart attack. And because they are high in salt, they also increase the risk of gastric cancer.

9. Canned soups – filled with salt. One soup can contain up to 890 mg sodium, which is the daily dose the body needs.

When the body endures much more salt than it should, it retains water, leading to heart stress, high blood pressure and a heart attack.

10. Margarine – this one found it’s way on the list, yes. Contains plenty of trans-fat and processed fat, something that our body cannot digest.

It increases the cholesterol levels, damaging the blood vessels. Avoid the fake butter, use something more natural instead.

John Borsov

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