How to Make Natural V***** Using Only 2 Ingredients

The watermelon is a widely spread and loved fruit. It is usually consumed during a hot summer day, as a refreshment.

But what other properties does this fruit hold within it? After reading this, you will be amazed of what the watermelon can do for you.

Natural Viagra

Natural Viagra

Apart from satisfy your thirst during the summer days, it has other good properties. The Italians have called it the natural viagra, for it can help men with mild to moderate erectile disfunction.

According to some recent findings, the amino acid which is a part of the watermelon can increase the blood flow to the penis, thus giving the same effect as the viagra, only without the unwanted side effects.

With it’s perfect composition of 97% water, vitamin C, amino acids and low in calories, it is not only consumed by men who are concerned with their weight, but it is also consumed to treat impotence.

Here is the recipe for this magic drink. You need watermelon, pomegrnate, lemon juice, a little water, put it all in a blender and mix it up together, and then strain it. It is known that some men, just by eating the watermelon alone, can get a 50% better erection than before.

This drink is effective of men with different ages, body weights and sizes. The proper way to drink it is in the mornings, on an empty stomach, and just before dinner, but only about 1/3 of a glass.

When the watermelon and lemon juice collide, the mixture from these two fruits makes a strong chemical collision, and by that, more blood is being umped to the private part, immediately improving the strength and performance.

The only downfall to drinking this love potion is that you may have to urinate a lot. If that does not present as a problem to you, then you will feel the results in an instant.

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