How to Easily Make a Natural Fabric Softener?

The commercial fabric softeners contain a high level of chemicals which can be responsible for making you more prone to allergies.

These softeners enter your body through your skin and, they may cause a serious damage to your health. The fabric softeners contain phthalates, chemical compounds which, according to a number of studies, cause hormonal imbalance in animals.

Natural Fabric Softener

Natural Fabric Softener

Therefore, apart from exposing your health to a great risk by using the fabric softeners, you are also harming the environment.

Luckily, you can easily make a natural fabric softener by yourself. Here is a simple recipe which will help you to make a safe and inexpensive fabric softener.

Recipe for Making a Natural Fabric Softener

In order to make this fabric softener, you need the following easily-available ingredients:

What you should do is to put the water, the apple cider vinegar, and the baking soda into a plastic container of about 4 liters.

The container has to be big because the mixture of these ingredients will cause a bubble reaction. Add 20 drops of essential oil of your choice. Close the container and shake the mixture.

After you are done, you may pour it into the softener tank. You should use 4 tablespoons of this natural fabric softener for one use. Before every use of this softener, you should shake the mixture.

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