Must-have items during the wintertime

Infants have a weak organism in the first year. Their immunity system is starting to develop in the early ages, since they start to receive the antibodies from their mother’s milk then. That’s why most of them, nearly all of them catch a cold during the winter period. There are only few that pulls through the winter without suffering a cold. It’s the same with the parents too. Some, even though they had received a vaccine, they still suffer the cold.

Every mother as a concerned parent tries to discover the most comfortable path to cure her child and also the natural one without using medicines. From one to another there are several things, including several oils, organic food, or gadgets that can be very useful in those periods. I’m going to enumerate some of them here, but before starting to use something with your child, you must confer with a paediatrician first in order to suss out for potential allergies or something, or recommend you another thing that equates to your baby’s organism.


The most frequent issue that occurs when a cold attack is a stuffy nose. There are herbal drops for babies only that do wonders with this and will clean the respiratory system as easily. Likewise, when blowing the nose use only the boogie wipes, made with natural saline, and unscented. They are perfect for this, and won’t irritate your kid’s nose. If in any instance it becomes irritated and red, and also the skin round the mouth starts drying, and so you can apply some coconut oil in the places and it will heal everything. There is a perfect gift for the mothers of snotty babies, called the Nose Frida, which is a nasal aspirator (a snot sucker). Use this with your kid and you won’t have to deal with the snots anymore. Or if you have an herbal oil for chest rub, you can apply several drops under your kid’s noseand it will clear his nasal cavity very quickly. Also, you can practice putting it on its feet and then cover it with socks. It can take out the fever, or temperature if there is one (but this cannot be used with babies under 6 months). It’s useful to hold a thermometer on hand in order to determine how the body temperature changes when the child has a cold. Determine the temperature several times a day. It’s good when there is a little higher temperature than the normal one, it will get rid of the illness, but beware, if the temperature starts rising, you should have a fever reducer right next to you in order to lower it to a normal. And about this you should consult with a medical person at first, your paediatrician should prescribe you the dose you can feed your small fry when you’re contriving to utilize it. To prevent or cure the disease attack, your organism must be secured with vitamins or minerals that have an influence on the antibodies that fight the bacterias. Boost your organism with vitamin D and you’ll cure the cold faster. Also, buy the kid food pouches with (mashed) organic food, or prepare them yourself in order to implement other minerals and vitamins necessary for the organism. And give a lot of water to the baby in order to keep it hydrated, or if it’s still very little, you should nurse it more frequently than usual in order to prevent dehydration.

I bet you’ve all heard of many other products that mothers use to fight the cold. You can combine some of them with the ones mentioned above. But, always consult with a paediatrician first. He/She will confirm you if the thing is safe enough for you to use on the kid. Even though everything that’s organic is safer than the medications (which contain chemicals), but the baby’s organism might have an allergic reaction to something organic as well.

That’s why it’s the best to discuss everything with a doctor at first. They might give you other helpful advices on what to use, in order to prevent the cold, or fight with it, so that it doesn’t grow to a bigger issue.


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