Wife Refused to Take her Husband off Breathing Apparatus after his Motorcycle Accident

Matt and Daniel Davis had been married for only 7 months when he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Daniel received a call from the hospital on July 11, 2011.

She had been told that her 22-year-old husband had a terrible car crash and that the chances of saving him were barely existent. The accident left him with a serious traumatic brain injury, and he had to be placed on life support.


The doctors said that he would probably never wake up from the coma, so they recommended taking him off the breathing apparatus.

However, Daniel refused to listen to the doctors’ advice. She visited him regularly, prayed for his life, and hoped that one day he would wake up from the coma.

Matt Wakes Up after Spending 3 Years in a Coma

Matt suffered an accident which has left him disabled and unconscious with various fractures and a number of injuries on his head. Daniel always stood next to him while he was kept in a medically induced coma.

She was told that there was an extremely low possibility that he will survive, and that there is nothing that can be done to save him. Daniel had to make a decision whether to give up or to keep her husband on the breathing apparatus.

Nevertheless, Daniel refused to give up, hoping that someday he would wake up from the coma. Then, one day, against all odds, Matt regained his consciousness.

After three years spent in a coma, he woke up, and his first words to Daniel were: “I am trying”. Daniel has always believed that one day he would wake up and she has constantly prayed for him.

According to Daniel, keeping Matt on the breathing apparatus was a simple decision because she knew that God would help him.

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