5 Reasons Why Men Get Erections in the Morning

Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), commonly known as morning wood, is a spontaneous erection that occurs while sleeping or when waking up.

Every man who doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction experiences NPT, particularly during REM sleep. Getting a morning erection can happen at any age.

Men Get Erections in the Morning

Men Get Erections in the Morning

However, it occurs less frequently around the time when men are in the 60s and 70s. Usually, men experience NPT four to five times during the night, with each erection lasting approximately 25 minutes.

Various doctors have studied the reasons for the occurrence of NPT, and they came up with several assumptions.

Why Men Wake Up with Erections in the Morning?

There are 5 explanations for the occurrence of a morning wood:

1. The testosterone levels are highest in the morning

The level of testosterone is highest early in the day. As the day progresses, the testosterone levels gradually decrease. According to the doctors, getting morning erections signifies that you have balanced testosterone levels, which means that your overall health is doing great.

2. Parts of the brain are in a sleep-like state

The brain controls the function of our bodies. However, parts of the brain are in a sleep-like state during REM sleep. This is why men can control the occurrence of an erection only why they are awake.

3. The bladder may cause an erection

It is assumed that the bladder stimulates an area in the spinal cord when it fills during the night, which results in a “reflex erection.”

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4. Men rub up against something in their sleep

The penis gets aroused by physical contact. During sleep, if the body accidentally presses against someone or something, it responds in an occurrence of an erection.

5. Morning erections are a kind of an exercise

One of the theories for the occurrence of NPT is that the penis is exercising. The penis is filled with blood during an erection, and it has to hold the blood for a prolonged period of time.

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