Look what the Meat Industry is Producing – you will be Sick of it

People talk about the horrible things being done in the meat industry, but no one really had any proof of it – until now. The Association for Animal Equality secretly managed to get inside a meat factory and document on tape everything that is going on there.

They created a video that so far has 30 million views. And even though they made the video in an American factory, this is happening all around the globe.

Meat Industry

They started filming in hatcheries. They are places where chickens are born. But these animals do not get to see the light of day. They are already a part of the meat industry, even before they are born.

Instead of spending their first day with their mothers, in broad daylight, they are treated like mere machines. Other than being separated from their mothers, they are tested.

Those eggs that don’t even hatch are being treated in the cruelest of ways and are being thrown away. A worker opens the egg with the dead chick inside, that did not manage to break through the shell.

The fragile, tiny, helpless and confused creatures are sent to the factory farms. They are processed there, without receiving even the slightest compassion.

They are thrown in a machine, one that separates them from their shell. They are further cruelly transported by machines that brings them to a place where workers separate the ones that are healthy from the ones that have a hard time surviving there horrible conditions.

The workers throw the weak chicks and those who do not meet the desired standards away in the trash.

In the video, there is a worker that shows what happens to those chicks who cannot benefit the meat industry. He takes one small chick and brutally tears off it’s head, then throws it in the pile of garbage along with the shells.

The ones who are thrown away alive in these big containers are further being crushed to death.

After that, the chicks are being transferred to the vaccination area. They have no idea what is happening with them while they are stung with big needles.

They are thrown in cranes that the workers pile one on top of another before they are loaded into trucks that will transport them to farms where they get fat.

They will spend the rest of their lives in these huge industrial farms. They will grow at a rapid and an unnatural pace. Most of them will not be able to walk because their weight is rapidly increasing, and their legs are not strong enough to support them.

Those who cannot bare the pace of growing up, become immobilized and die very soon or are being thrown away by farmers, while still alive.

Finally, after 40 days spent on the farms, they are being sent to slaughter house, where they are handled with violence. During that process, the people break their wings and legs. And that is the sad end for these poor creatures.

But what you can do something about all of this. Replace the meat in your regular meals with fruits and vegetables. Eat healthier.

This way you will not only help yourself, but you will also end the cycle of terror that has been happening to them for too long now. Please, when you prepare your next meal, choose compassion.

John Borsov

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