You shouldn’t Undervalue the Marks and Dots on the Nails – they can be an Indicator of a Serious Disease

If you’ve ever wondered what do the white dots and marks on the nails actually mean here’s the answer to it.

Most of them are actually caused by the air bubbles found under the nails and are more connected to the health that you can imagine, presenting certain signs of a particular disease.

Marks and Dots on the Nails


If we take the white patches, which are also known as leukonychia, they can appear due to several reasons, such are:

  • They can be either inherited, or can be a result of a medical condition;
  • Due to minor injuries in the base of the nails;
  • When speaking about the medical conditions we shouldn’t forget to mention that they;
  • Can be a sure sign of eczema, psoriasis, fungus or warts;
  • At the same time can be one of the seven signs of sarcoidosis,which is a disease affecting the lungs, skin and other organs;
  • And if followed by soft and thin nail, can be a condition known as Plummer nail – a certain indication to hyperthyroidism.

Note: If the spot is lower on the nail it means that the disease is discovered in early stages.

On the other hand, the appearance of long white horizontal lines across the surface of the nails may be an indicator of other diseases, such as: Hodgkin’s diseases, cardiac arrest, malaria and can even indicate leprosy.

Just two horizontal narrow stripes on one or more nails, can be a sure sign of hypoalbuminemia, which is defined as low levels of the protein albumin in the blood.

This disorder can lead to other medical conditions, both acute and chronic, such as: kidney disease, heart failure, inter alia and irregular diet. Yet, you shouldn’t worry, sometimes it might be just an inflammatory response to an injury or an infection.

Just to be certain, pay a visit to the doctor, and examine the indication to these white dots or marks on the nails. As harmless as they might look, you can’t just ignore them, because they can be associated with more harm than you can ever imagine.

John Borsov

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