Make your Shoes White Again with this Simple Method

As much as we all love shoes, we must admit that they are pretty difficult to keep clean. Especially shoes that are white ore tennis shoes – those are really hard to clean.

Do not worry, today we are going to reveal a trick to you, one which will make your shoes shine all the time. They will appear as if you just got them from the store.

Make your Shoes White

This method is homemade and it is very easy to make. To prepare it you will need two ingredients which can probably be found in your kitchen.

You are going to need baking soda and white vinegar. You have probably never heard about this, but these two ingredients are very powerful in the struggle when cleaning all sorts of fabrics.

Plus, they are filled with anti-bacterial properties, making them perfect to help you get rid of all the bacteria and fungi, thus removing the unpleasant odor from the shoes. You just have to follow a few simple instructions.

First, what you’re going to need is to take ½ cup of white vinegar (that is about 125 ml) and ¼ cup of soda (about 60 grams), and a brush. Mix the soda and the vinegar together until you get a foamy texture.

Then rub it on your shoes with the help of the brush. Leave it on for about half an hour and rinse it off with cold water. then just leave them out to dry and your shoes will be spotless and shiny!

Finally, remember not to forget the shoelaces. Dirty shoelaces don’t go with clean shoes. Put them in your washing machine every once in a while. When you do that, one last note would be to put them in a washing bag or a pillow case first. Enjoy your clean shoes!

John Borsov

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