Lose Stubborn Fat with Apple Cider Vinegar

Losing that stubborn belly fat or any weight at all is a job that requires full attention and dedication. But in this fast-paced world that we live in, sometimes that is barely possible.

Even though there are some pills and shortcuts offered, they are not as effective as they sound.

Lose Stubborn Fat

Lose Stubborn Fat

Most of these products have not even been tested or approved before. And because of that, the old-fashioned way to lose weight is the best way.

Exercise regularly, be careful of what you eat, be hydrated at all times, get your regular sleep and avoid stress. In order to help you with all of this, you should definitely start using apple cider vinegar. Here is how it could help you:

  • It will help you manage and boost your metabolism and eliminate the toxins from the body. It will regulate the movements of the bowel and will prevent further accumulation of toxic substances.
  • Having problems with your blood sugar levels? The apple cider vinegar will help you with that. The blood sugar level works in this way – the higher it gets, the more cravings for sweets you have. You reach out for meals and snacks because they provide the body with short term energy and are filled with metabolized fat. This means that they deceive the body to crave for even more of these foods in order to survive, thus raising the levels of the blood sugar. The vinegar has anti-glycemic properties that normalize the blood sugar.
  • The consumption of apple cider vinegar creates the feeling of fullness in the body. A research in which two groups of people were given white bread, one with vinegar and the other without, showed that the people who consumed it were feeling full for a longer period of time.
  • The apple cider vinegar also contains dietary acetic acids that lower the cholesterol levels in the body and prevent the conversion of the energy into fat.
  • People who drink apple cider vinegar, diluted in water, have better results in reducing the abdominal fat and the waist circumference.
  • And finally, the apple cider vinegar affects the insulin receptors. The insulin influences how the fat in the body is stored. When the insulin levels are high, the process of breaking down the fats runs good. But, when those levels are low, the fatty acids are turned into fat molecules and ultimately stored as fat. With people who are struggling with insulin resistance, the vinegar has been proven to lower the blood sugar levels after a meal.

Now, how to incorporate the vinegar into your regular meals in order to lose weight? Always use raw and unfiltered vinegar. At the very beginning, add a teaspoon of it to a glass of water and drink that daily.

As time passes, slowly increase the dosage of the vinegar. When you start adding two teaspoon of it to the glass of water, start making this drink 1-3 times a day.

And I you drink this to speed up your metabolism, drink this every morning on an empty stomach, approximately one hour before your breakfast.

The apple cider vinegar can be added in plenty of meals, salads, dressings, and even be combined with turmeric for ultimate results. But at the end, a very important note – never drink it undiluted, for it may damage your teeth, stomach and throat.

John Borsov

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