8 Natural Remedies that will Lighten your Skin

Having a flawless skin is everyone’s dream. The skin often gets dark and lifeless due to stress, dryness, excessive sun exposure, toxins or, skin infections.

You can achieve to have light and clear skin by using natural treatments. Instead of spending your time on buying expensive skin products, you can naturally get lighter and healthier skin by using the following remedies.

Natural Remedies that will Lighten your SkinLighten your Skin

Honey is known for its abilities to make the skin look light, young and, healthy. It helps in the moisturizing the skin and prevents an occurrence of acnes and pimples.

Apply honey on your skin and, after a few minutes, remove it with warm water. By doing this every day, you will make your skin cleaner and lighter.


Lemons, apart from lightening the skin, have a strong effect on the growth of new cells due to their content of the vitamin C.

Once a day, put fresh lemon juice on your face and keep it for about an hour. By doing this on daily bases, your skin will become brighter and smoother, freed of any scars.


Cucumber is recommended for every type of skin. It cools the skin and, it evens the color of the skin complexion.

In order to lighten our skin, you should put slices of cucumber on the skin, keep them for about twenty minutes and, remove them with cold water. By doing this twice a day you will get significant results.


Yogurt contains many powerful nutrients that can improve the skin, including lactic acid which, apart from moisturizing the skin and reducing the wrinkles, is responsible for lightening the skin.

You can apply plain yogurt on your skin which should be removed with warm water after a couple of minutes. If you do this once a day, you will notice great changes in your skin in just a few weeks.

Gram flour

Gram flour is extremely efficient in lightening the skin and removing its tan. You can make a mask containing gram flour combined with a small amount of water.

The mask can be applied on the face, as well as on the hands and on the legs. After the mask dries, it should be washed with water.


Papaya is one of the ingredients that can make your skin light, clean and, glowing.

You can either eat papaya or rub it on your skin. Also, you can mix it with one cup of lemon juice and apply it on your face.

You should keep this mask on your face for about thirty minutes and afterwards remove it with cold water. This mask is recommended to be used once a week.


The oranges are one of the best ingredients that can improve the skin.

Mix two spoons of orange juice with powdered turmeric and keep this mask from 20 to 30 minutes. Apart from your skin on your face and neck, this mask can also improve the skin on your hands and legs.


Turmeric is famous for its powers to make the skin bright, since it has the ability to detoxify the damage skin.

You can make a mask by mixing turmeric powder and milk. Apply this mask on your skin and, after it becomes dry, remove it with warm water.

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