Is Eating Bananas Good for you

Do you know why people eat bananas so much? It’s a shame that they are underrated, because they are literally the complete food.

It is quite easy to overlook this yellow fruit because there are always some new exotic fruits that people claim to be the next big thing in nutrition.

Is Eating Bananas Good for you

Is Eating Bananas Good for you

But, the truth is that the bananas are an excellent food, filled with nutrients that every body requires. From vitamins to natural sugars and fibers – the motto for the apple is the motto for the banana too – a banana a day keeps the doctor away.

Do you know that the No.1 food consumed by the Americans is the banana? They are consumed twice as much as oranges and apples together. People buy them all the time among other products and have a good habit of eating them.

At first, they are greenish yellow, then they become somewhat of a full yellow color, then small brown spots appear, and at the end they get bigger and bigger until they cover the entire fruit.

When they become dark brown, people believe that they are rotten and throw them away. This is true with most of the fruits, but not with the bananas. In fact, when the bananas get dark it means that they have more TNF in them.

What is TNF? It is Tumor Necrosis Factor. It means that the riper the banana is, the more cancer fighting substances it contains.

What the TNF does for you is that it fights the abnormal cells in the body, enables the communication between the cells in your immune response system, guides the cell movements towards parts of the body who are infected or inflamed.

The TNF also stops the growth of tumor cells. And according to latest researches, the ripe bananas (that are covered with dark spots) have TNF which stops the spreading of tumor cells. They are also an excellent antioxidant, and with that they strengthen the immune system.

Bottom line – if you see a banana with dark spots al over it, do not throw it away. Eat it, it will provide you with an energy and a heath boost.

And remember, there is more to the banana than just fighting cancer. In addition we will give you some properties of the banana which you will find as a reason more to indulge in this fruit every day.

  • Bananas lower the high blood pressure. They are also a great food for your heart, for they protect you from experiencing a heart attack by lowering the level of sodium in the body. They are also great for fighting acid reflux and heartburn, because of their high levels of potassium.
  • They will provide you with the necessary energy before a workout. The vitamins, minerals, low-glycemic carbs and potassium can give you enough energy to work out for an entire hour.
  • The bananas can strengthen your blood, so they are perfect for fighting anemia. Also, if you happen to have stomach ulcers, the properties that bananas offer are coating the stomach’s lining, thus protecting it from corrosive acids and any kind of inflammation.
  • The bananas are excellent when fighting with depression. They contain a compound called serotonin, which when consumed in the body, creates a feeling of relaxation, happiness and boosts your mood. When you are stressed, a banana can calm your nerves. This is because they are high in Vitamin B. It can help your stress and your PMS too.
  • Being high in fiber, a couple of bananas can stimulate a proper bowel movements and fight constipation.
  • Finally, if you have fever, or cannot control your body temperature in the hot summer days, eat a banana.

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