Find Out if you are an Intelligent Person by Looking at your Toe

For centuries now Chinese people are known to believe that the feet are the window to what the rest of the body looks like.

The pain, lumps and arches on the feet – everything implies to a certain body problem. For an example, a flat arch implies back issues.

It is also believed that the body and the mind are connected, and that the physical problems are caused by the personality.

Intelligent Person

Intelligent Person


But is all of this true? One reflexologist, Jane Sheehan, claims that you can tell a lot about a person when you look at their feet – from the function of the digestive system to their relationship state, whether someone is adventurous or prefers stability and harmony in life.

Here is a little map of what toes can say about you:

1. If you have a big toe which is larger and longer than the others, it means that you are an intelligent and creative person, who sees a situation from different angles.

But that also troubles the mind for one lacks focus and fails to complete given tasks. On the other hand, if your big toe is rather small, then you are efficient, focused, and can multitask. You can easily charm people with your own ideas.

2. If you have a longer second toe it means that you are a born leader. Bossy, dynamic and creative. People with smaller second toe require harmony.

3. Now, if the third toe is slightly longer than the others, it means that you can acieve everything when you are determined to do it. Ingenious and always seeking perfection. Unfortunately, there is a downfall to this.

These people usually get caught up in their work and forget the other aspects of their lives, such as family or friends.

And on the other hand, people with short third toes do all the opposite – they enjoy every aspect of their life and do not get worked up over anything.

4. If the fourth toe is straight up, it means that the family is an important aspect for you. If the toe is curled up, it means you lack a happy relationship with your loved ones.

Excellet listeners, but filled with empathy, which sometimes puts them right in the middle of someone else’s problems.

These people need to relax and not think. Opposite from this, people with short fourth toe does not have family and friends as a focus in their life.

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5. The small little toe discovers a childlike person. Easily bored and run away from responsibilities. Nevertheless, these people are also fun, witty and very social. People who can wiggle their little toe are adventorous, and those who can’t like stability.

6. The toes who are graduate in size means that you are extremely practical. You finish what you start, you are a perfect employee and an amazing friend.

7. Wide feet – it usually means that these people are always on the run, they love being busy, but should also try to get some peace and quiet in their life.

8. Narrow and long feet – filled with aesthetic beauty, and always keep away from hard work if they see that someone else can finish it for them.

9. Finally, the arches. People who have high arches are thought to be independent, to that extent that they can sometimes be labeled antisocial.

And on the other side, people with low arches or no arches at all are very sociable. They indulge themselves in a good time and make sure that the people around them feel the same way too.

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