Improve your Health by Holding an Ice Cube on this Point of your Neck

There is a spot on your body, located between the tendons in your neck, in the hole where your neck and head are connected. The Chinese acupuncture refers to this spot as Feng Fu, which means “Refuge of Wind”.

By placing an ice cube on this pressure point, you will feel much younger, increase your energy levels, and treat numerous health problems. Holding an ice cube on the Feng Fu point will provide you with many health benefits.

How to Do the Feng Fu Ice Cube Therapy?

Ice Cube

In order to do this therapy, you need to lie down on your stomach, put an ice cube at the base of your skull, or on the Feng Fu pressure point, and hold it for 20 minutes.

If you don’t like to stay in a prone position, you can secure the ice cube with a bandage or a scarf. You should repeat this process twice a day, once in the morning after waking up, and once in the evening before going to bed.

At the beginning, you may find the cold feeling a bit unpleasant. However, after about 30 seconds, you will start to feel much better since you will notice the heat going directly to the Feng Fu point.

In the first few days, you are likely to experience a feeling of euphoria because the cold temperature of the ice cube stimulates the release of endorphins into your bloodstream.

What Are the Health Benefits of the Feng Fu Therapy?

The Feng Fu therapy will significantly improve your health. The ice cube healing method is effective in treating psycho-emotional disorders, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and stress since it will improve your mood, sleep, energy, and vitality.

This therapy can also help you to treat colds, reduce high body temperature, and relieve joint pain, headache, and toothache.

Moreover, placing an ice cube on this point of your neck will promote an opening of the airways in your body due to the cold temperature of the ice. This makes the Feng Fu therapy beneficial for treating many cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

This therapy can heal various other health issues, including disorders of the thyroid gland, hypertension and hypotension, degenerative spinal disorders, arthritis, asthma, sexually transmitted infections, gastrointestinal tract disorders, malnutrition and obesity.

In addition, the Feng Fu therapy is helpful in treating infertility and disorders of the menstrual cycle, as well as in reducing cellulite, especially in the early stages.

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