I Want a Flat Stomach

When will you stop buying oversized pants just to hide your flabby stomach? Or you always leave the option of sucking it in somehow to fit in a pair of skinny jeans when the weekend arrives?

We will tell you to stop doing that immediately! Scientists have actually worked on resolving this issue, and found out that some foods can make your belly flat again, simply because of their powers to flush out water and toxins from the body and because they aid the digestion.

I Want a Flat Stomach

And on the opposite side, we have the products which we consume daily, but they don’t do the body well because they are high in sugar or sodium.

Here are some amazing tips which you could use in order to create a flat stomach for yourself. Just remember that even though you should make some serious changes in your dieting plan, the most important thing you should do is drink plenty of water.

1. Reduce the milk – the main cause of gasses and bloating is the milk (of course if you consume it on a daily basis). Cut it out from your diet and try consuming yogurt or a piece of hard cheese.

2. Stop eating carbs – eliminate pasta and bread, and start eating foods that are high in proteins instead.

3. Be picky with your fruit as well – avoid consuming plenty of pears and apples for they might upset your stomach because they are high in fructose, making them hard to digest.

4. Lose the hot spices – spices are not the best choice for your belly, because they cause irritation and increase the excretion of acids in the stomach. This is why the best choice for you would be to pick a mild spice instead.

5. Stop eating salty foods – the foods that are filled with salt means that they contain a high amount of sodium, causing the body to retain the excess amount of water.

6. Stop consuming alcohol, processed foods, coffee and sugar – if you want to get rid of your belly fat then you definitely must stop consuming these products. If you don’t, they will just continue their work – keeping the fat deposition in the body.

Foods that cause bloating are the alcohol (heavy drinkers have more belly fat), soy sauce (it increases the water weight), canned soups (high in sodium), popcorn (airy food that bloats the stomach), dried fruits (high in fiber but also in sugar).

Foods that are good for you are: watermelon (water weight nixer), salmon (and every other food that is high in omega 3 fats because it promotes the digestion), asparagus (natural diuretic), blueberries (reduce the abdominal fat), citrus fruit (aids digestion).

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