A Glimpse into the Life of the Oldest Population on Earth – the Hunza People

Have you heard of the Hunza people?These people are actually descendents of the Macedonians, after several of Alexander the Great’s army soldiers were left behind in the Hunza valley to build their own population there.

Located in the Himalayas, between the borders of China, India, Kashmir and Afghanistan, these people are known for their particular lifestyle and long lifespan too.

The Oldest Population on Earth – Hunza People

Hunza People

Their average life expectancy is 165 years. Living over 130 years is absolutely normal for them. They don’t even feel old nor elder at the age of 130, but average aged or so. At the same time giving birth at the age of 65 is even more than normal, taking regard their lifespan.

The West became aware of these people after 1920’s when a Scottish doctor came across them on his travels, and spent some time living among them.

He has made a record of their way of life, and found their secret to their longevity. It appears that it’s all result of their particular diet plan and lifestyle.

Their diet plan is as follows:
  • Not only they eat very little meat, but practice to eat only poultry, and only once a week.
  • They tend to eat sparsely and not overeat.
  • And they eat only twice a day.
  • Their diet is essentially pure food, including only: fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, yogurt, milk and cheese, all of it organic and home prepared.
  • They also use whole-meal flour and buckwheat flour – with the germ still intact, absolutely unrefined.

And if you think that this diet can leave them exhausted and not willing to work something, you’re so wrong. But this diet plan only contributes to and boosts them with lots of energy, one that keeps them active throughout the day,since they usually do average walks of 15- 20 km on a daily basis.

They are also used to swim in the freezing mountain lakes. And are known to practice slow and deep breathing techniques, including yoga, which includes short meditation sessions few times throughout the day.

Taking regard that they have no electricity, their day starts at sunrise at 5 am, and ends at nightfall. There are neither banks, markets, nor prisons, places that can contribute to a disease spread, thence these people are disease free and actually never get sick.

And including the fresh air, water and food they are consuming, in addition to the exercising routines they daily practice, with walking and working hard and demanding daily tasks, the breathing techniques and meditation it’s no wonder they live so long.

They also practice a fast period every year, one that lasts from 2-4 month, when they only drink water and eat apricot seeds.

We can learn quite something from these people. Following the right diet plan, living healthy,enjoying the life surrounded by nature, breathing the proper and pure air, and drinking the purest water, living peacefully, away from the technology and the rush of city life is all you need for a long-lasting life.

John Borsov

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