Hunters from Tribe in Africa Steal Prey from Lions

A tribe from Africa, specifically from Kenya seems that remained in the Stone Age. The way of life of these people hardly changed since that time.

One of their abilities for survival that still practice is to literally steal the food, and not from any animal, but from the lions.

Hunters from Tribe

Hunters from Tribe

As much as this sounds unbelievable, it is true. BBC has recorded reports of which we can see three people from a tribe in Kenya, hunters, who set out in search of prey that have previously captured lions in order to steal the loot for themselves.

The three hunters, armed only with knife, bow and arrow, are moving slowly seeking traces on the ground, where they can determine in which direction to move.

They see some traces and they know that, they are in the right place. Here, the leader of the group is 65 year old man who is the most experienced in this work.

Although many times it has done so, however, any new approach is very stressful, thinking it might be the last. Given that hunters are armed with bow and arrow, or have no firearms, if the Lions turn and go to them, the chances of survival in this case would have been minimal.

Once hunters finally saw the group of 15 lions as shredding prey, they are slowly approaching. Every normal man when will see a group of hungry lions eating their prey, first that he would do is to escape from that place as soon as possible.

But these hunters don’t think like that. Yet hunger is one that forces to seek food in this way, and not thinking abou the consequences.

While lions enjoy their prey, hunters bend not be observed from the lions and some time are waiting. Suddenly all three hunters decide to stand up and heading towards their goal.

Here is the important point, which decides whether the lions will be scared and will leave or the lions will go on the attack to three hunters.

Given that the hunters set out decisively, standing next to each other and decided to go to the end, lions curiously one by one scatter.

However the lions are deployed at some distance from the prey and are not leaving the food. Hunters have a very short time and therefore they don’t waste the time in vain.

With the knife, one of the hunters cut a huge chunk (boot) of the animal which left the lions, and as soon as he took his part, they withdrew.

After that, the lions are back again in the catch, and the hunters are leaving happy with the food, heading to their tribe in order to feed the hungry mouths.

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