How to Win the Battle with Constipation and Bloating

Everybody knows that certain kinds of food may cause you to feel bloated and uneasy. If you have ever felt that your insides are beating out a samba after a particular meal, leaving you terribly flatulent, it might be high time for you to reconsider your diet.

Bloating can also make you extremely agitated, especially after feeling gassy for hours on end, so continue reading how you can manage your flatulence better.

Win the Battle with Constipation and Bloating


Firstly, let us take a glance at what makes you feel gassy. As the food you have eaten is being digested by various gas-producing bacteria inside your intestines, a by-product is created in the form of a gas.

This gas is now trapped inside your intestines, causing your stomach and intestines to widen and this is why you seldom feel uneasy and bloated. If the intestines get too wide, it may cause you to feel cramps or even pain.Continue on next page–>

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