How to Make Pasta – Just Follow these Simple Steps

Yummy, we’ll be discussing pasta in this article, the most desired Italian dish, other than pizza of course. This is not only delicious and quick to prepare, but healthy and nutritious too. I haven’t started yet, and I’m already drooling all over.

Why quick? Well, all you need is to add the pasta in boiling water, leave it to boil for around ten minutes and voila you can serve your meal for the day.

How to Make Pasta

How to Make Pasta

What we’ll offer you today is several tricks you should follow in order to make the tastiest pasta you’ve ever tried.

We’re all used to filtrate the paste and dump all the water after the pasta is done. Did you know that you’re actually doing it all wrong.

Or, in addition, to rinse the pasta with cold water afterwards. This can only contribute for the pasta to get all sticky and tasteless.

Also, taking out the pasta out of the pot and placing it on the plate and afterwards placing the sauce on top is wrong. Or what most of the people do, is cook the pasta, place it into the stainer and then start to prepare the sauce. Wrong, leaving the pasta to cool down will only make it worse.

No worries, we’ll provide you with several interesting tricks, ones that will help you prepare the best pasta you’ve ever tried.

  • First, prepare your sauce while cooking the pasta. Once the pasta is done, take out the hot pasta out of the water and place it in the sauce while still cooking. Proceed cooking it altogether for around a minute in order for the pasta to absorb some of the sauce and becomes a great looking stew. And you must be wondering, what about the water of the sauce. You should definitely not dump it through the sink, but take some of the starchy water and add it to the tasty mixture to bring about a more silky and yummy taste. After cooking this all, you should turn the heat off and finish it by adding a bit of butter, olive oil and a bit of cheese. This final touch is known as Mantecare among Italians- meaning to make it smooth, or to cream.
  • If you want to make it the real Italian way, then don’t forget to add some fresh herbs to it. Chop them, add them in the pan and mix it well altogether and voila, as easy as that, you’re now ready to serve your dish.
    Follow these steps and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results; without doubt you’ll betasting the most delicious pasta you’ve ever tried.

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