How to Grow Roses

Spring time has come. It is the time where we focus on the nature that surrounds us and on improving it. The garden is the place people dedicate most of their time to, especially the part of the back yard that is filled with flowers.

Well, in that case, we can provide you with a small trick to make your garden flourish within the first week of the spring season.

How to Grow Roses

Today, we are going to share with you a small trick, one that will make your garden, your roses to be more specific. It will make them re-grow and you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

To make this, you will need a rose, cut down, a plastic bottle, a potato, a flower pot and some soil. First, you will have to cut the rose on a 45 degree angle and cut the leaves out.

Then, take the potato and drill a hole in the middle of it. After you’ve done that, insert the rose in the potato, but make sure it stays stable and does not move in any direction.

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Next, you have to take the pot and fill two thirds of it with soil. Put the potatoes with the rose in it. You will be almost done when you put the rest of the soil in the pot, on top of the potatoes.

The final step you will have to do is make a small greenhouse. Do you know how? Well, with the help of the plastic bottle of course.

Take it and cut off the bottom of the bottle, and remove the cap to open it. Place it over the rose to create a comfortable and warm environment.

We assure you that the first signs of your roses will show within the first week!

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