Learn this Simple and Effective Trick of how to Grow Healthy Plants and you’ll Never Use Fertilizers Again

We’re all familiar with the procedure when planting something. It’s not just the plant you should worry about, or how to grow it and take care of it later, but how to properly plant it too.

How to Grow Healthy Plants

How to Grow Healthy Plants

You should dig the right hole, place the right fertilizer and remember to water it the particular amount of water and in the particular time.

Putting a fertilizer is more than important, since this will contribute to a faster and more correct manner of growth of the plant, and taking regard the nutrients it contains it will also help the plant survive even if the soil conditions are not at their highest levels.

What is a fertilizer?

Fertilizers typically contain a set of ingredients such as: Nitrogen, sulfur and potassium, ones which have nutritive benefits to the soil and the plant itself.

Nowadays you can even buy a premixed soil that contains the same amount of these ingredients necessary for a better growth or use the cow manure – even though it’s less pleasant to use.

Yet, these fertilizers are not as cheap as many believe so (not referring to the cow manure, of course – since farmers can get it for free after all) and for some it can even cost a fortune.

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Therefore, you can try to find something that will work the same way on the plant, and have the same nutritive effects, but come as a cheaper supplement only. There is nothing better than using a banana and an egg in this manner.

You would consider me crazy, but once you try it you will definitely notice the benefits and positive effects of it on the overall soil consistency.

Now this poses a question – How to perform this trick?

It’s quite simple in fact. You should simply dig a deeper hole, place a whole banana and a whole egg inside, then bury it a bit, and place the plant you wish to grow.

The decomposition of these ingredients will contribute to the sugars and nutrients be fully absorbed by the soil and transferred to the plant afterwards in its growing process.

Give it a try, you will not only get a fertilizer for a cheaper price, made of an all natural, and easily accessible ingredients, but make yourself the best one existing.

Check out the following video and learn how to make and plant this fertilizer the proper way.

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