How to Dissolve Kidney Stones with this Natural Remedy

Having healthy kidneys is a necessity in order for the body to function properly. The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood, removing toxins and salt and, for balancing the fluid in our body.

If we want to keep our kidneys healthy we should provide them with an occasional cleansing. One of the worst and most painful conditions that can occur inside the kidneys is a formation of kidney stones.

How to Dissolve Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are minerals and acid salts which form crystals in our kidneys that can increase in size. If the kidney stones become very large, it will be very difficult to be treated.

In consideration of the health of our kidneys, you should often clean them. The best way to get a safe kidney cleansing is to try the following natural recipe.

This homemade recipe is extremely effective not only in detoxifying your kidneys but also in relieving kidney stones.

Recipe for kidney cleansing

To make this recipe, all you need is parsley and water. You can also use coriander instead of parsley. The first thing that you need to do is to take a handful of parsley and to chop it.

Put the chopped leaves in a dish and pour them with water. Boil the dish for about ten minutes. After the water is boiled, cover the dish, leave it to cool for a couple of minutes and put it in refrigerator.

You can drink this cold mixture once a day. There are going to appear noticeable changes of your urine after less than a week. These changes will be a result of the cleansing of your kidneys.

Another way to cleanse your kidneys is to make a parsley tea. Chop the parsley leaves and put them into a cup of boiled water. Cover the cup and leave it for one hour.

You should drink this tea two times a month until you see the effective results. In the meantime, you should consume as much liquids as possible.

For more effective results, apart from this recipe, you are supposed to drink plenty of water and to consume food which contains a high level of calcium.

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