How to Spot that you Body is Filled with Toxins and how to Detox

Today’s modern way of living unfortunately has brought as much bad things as good. Everything around us is filled with toxins and damaging substances. The air we breathe, the food we eat, even the health medications we take – they are all harmful for us.

We cannot avoid this, but what we can do is cleanse the body regularly and contribute to it’s well-being. But how to recognize that the body is filled with toxins? Here are some pointers:

How to Detox

How to Detox

1. You will experience headaches more often because the poisons entering the body are contamining the central nervous system.

2. When the body tries to eliminate the toxins, they do damage to the skin, causing inflammation, itchy skin, rosacea and other skin issues.

3. You will experience an increase in the abdominal fat. This is because the body is filled with toxins, preventing the regulation of glucose levels and cholesterol.

4. Insomnia is another side effect of too many toxins in the body. It is caused by obstructing the circulation.

5. As a result of the polluted iar, congestion of the sinuses occurs.

6. The overload of toxins can easily cause exhaustion of the body and lack of energy.

7. If you feel like your body is constantly overheating, it is because the toxins prevent the liver from working properly, and by that, the liver creates more heat, and the entire body is feeling overheated. This also leads to problems with the gallbladder.

8. Look in the mirror and stick your tongue out. If it has a yellow or white coating over it, it means that your body is filled with toxic compounds and needs to be cleansed as soon as possible.

And how to do the cleansing? In addition we reveal you some of the most effective remedies to start your detox with.

9. Lemon juice – this is the best detoxifier and alkalizer. It boosts the absorption and the function of the liver. They are rich in Vitamin C making them perfect for strengthening the immune system.

The peels of the lemons are rich in an antioxidant called d-limonene. It triggers the enzymes in the liver that fight against the toxins.

Make it a habit that every morning, when you wake up, drink a glass of water with juice from one lemon in it. Or, there is another combination – just add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water, juice from one lemon (which is freshly squeezed), and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Drink up!

10. Green tea – of course, the green tea has properties that boost the function of the liver, prevent toxic damage and eliminate the free radicals.

Two or three cups of green tea a day is all you need to consume to constantly keep your body clear of all the toxic compounds.

11. Epsom Salt Bath – they raise the levels of magnesium, eliminate the metals and alleviate the body from pain, which makes them extremely effective in the fight against the toxins.

All you need to do is draw yourself a bath with warm water and two or three cups of the Epsom salt in it. 15 minutes is all you need.

Do this two or three times within a week in order to detoxify the body. But, note that if you suffer from high blood pressure or experience any heart issues you should not try this method.

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