How does 200 Calories of Food Look Like

There is nt a person in the world that cannot tell the difference between unealthy calories and healthy ones.

Believe it or not, it is enough to eat only a couple of bites of an unhealthy meal, and you have already digested 200 calories, while, on the other side, for the same amount of calories, you can get a fresh and healthy snack.

200 Calories

200 Calories

Of course, this does not mean that the less calories it contains, that the meal would be healthier. It only means that the unhealthy food contains the exact same amount of calories, but with lesser nutrients.

And do not forget that people obsess over what they eat and how many calories are there in every meal, how much is a regular person’s intake of calories a day? Here we are just about to solve this little puzzle for you.

Want to indulge in a Big Mac, or your favorite doughnut, maybe even a bagel with cream cheese? Be careful, there is not much you can eat in order to reach, say, a 200 calories limit (which is enough for a snack).

Basically, you will have to research on what foods, and how much of your favorite snack are you alowed to eat in order to maintain your desirable body weight and keep your body healthy.

In addition, let us compare the 200 calories in a healthy and in an unhealthy meal. A healthy meal would be three or four kiwi, on the opposite side, unhealthy 200 calories is half a hamburger.

Another healthy meal is a full plate of broccoli, and on the other side, unhealthy would be deciding to eat a handful of gummybears instead.

Again, a healthy option would be an avocado, and a less healthy option is a small portion of french fries. And finally, a healthy 200 calories meal would be a small bowl of carrots, and an unhealthy 200 calories is definitely a piece of cherry pie.

By the looks of these comparations, it is more than clear what kind of foods one should eat. Make sure you consume meals that are rich in calories, but also in nutrients that will strengthen the immune system and the body, unlike the bad 200 calories, which could only turn into fat.

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