Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Home remedies are probably the best ones, mostly because of the fact that they have been used for years. They are numerous but today we are going to talk about a specific one, and that is the mixture of castor oil with baking soda.

When the regular method or treatment does not work for you, you need to turn to something else, in this case the castor oil. Plenty of people use the castor oil as a coating for the skin because it has positive effects on circulation above all.

Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Health Benefits of Castor Oil

But how to prepare wipes with castor oil? You are going to need a hot water bottle, clean gauze or cotton flannel to press the oil to your skin, cold pressed oil, plastic sheet and a towel.

After using the compress, first clean up the skin using baking soda. Now, what you need to do is cover the skin with a coating of castor oil, wrap the parts up with plastic sheet and then pour the hot water over it.

Then, wrap a towel on top of it and leave it like that for the next hour. You should repeat this process every day for the next 40 days.

The castor oil has many healthy properties from which you can benefit. For an example, it can heal bruises and cuts, and also burns, it can make marvelous recovery on an injured ankle.

If you massage it onto your skin you can make the stretch marks disappear (the same goes for the dark circles under the eyes and the face).

Even more, you can cure cataract if you put castor oil in your eyes every night. Chronic coarseness along with vocal cord nodules can be cured if you simply massage the oil on your neck. You can also eliminate pilonidal cysts with it.

When treating allergies, just five drops of the oil a day can make a difference. The same goes if you want to treat alcohol and nicotine addiction.

You can massage your scalp to make your hair grow, to relieve back pain, massage it on your stomach to treat hyperactivity, or on moles and warts in order to get rid of them.

Finally, you can cure the tinnitus with only five drops of castor oil a day for a period of three months. To retreat any type of fungal infection rub some of the oil on the infected area.

In order to stop diarrhea massage your stomach with castor oil and last but not least, when you want to reduce the deposits of calcium just rub the oil on your soles.

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