He was in a Coma for 12 Years and Now he Only has One Message

Imagine what would happen if you die? The people that love you the most will mourn, all of that could be really terrifying.

Death and stories connected to it makes us question how do we even want to spend our time here on Earth, and with who.

This situation is even worse when it comes to people who have been suffering for a longer period of time, for an example being in a coma.

This is where the loved ones face the most difficult challenges of them all – whether to keep on hoping or to let that person go.

So, today we are going to present you with a true story about how giving up on life should never be an option. The healthy 12 year old boy named Martin Pistorius lived in South Africa.

At that age, he suddenly started getting very ill. Soon, he could not speak, write or do any of the things a normal person could do.

His entire systems of the body started shutting down one by one. He was soon diagnosed with a degenerative illness, forcing him to live in a vegetative state.

Martin was trapped inside his own body for over a decade, 12 long years to be exact. At first he was not awake, but after two years, around the age of 14 or 15, he had woken up, but no one had taken any notice of it. Everyone around him believed he was unconscious, when he could hear and understand everything.

He was constantly transferred from one institution to the next, and was a witness to some gruesome abuse, both verbal and physical, and sometimes even sexual.

The people who took care of him though were always good towards him. But definitely, out of all situations, the only one that hit him the most was how once, his mother came to him and told him to die, just so he could not feel the pain anymore.

She did not mean it, but at that moment, feeling helpess as never before, she was in a state to say everything just to rescue her child.

When he finally got their attention, his entire family started to take care of him. There was not a word in this world that could describe their joy!

He started going through therapies and got better with each passing moment. He graduated, and even though he cannot speak, he has a computer with a special program, that when he types something down, the computer says it for him.

He met a lovely young lady, and after a couple of years they got married. When he was asked whether he has a message for the public, he only pointed out that people should be kind to each other no matter what, and should always try to make the best out of each day.

Enjoy the small as you enjoy the big moments and take care of yourself and the people you love.

We hope that his inspiring story of Martin has made you take a step forward in life.

He was in a Coma for 12 Years

John Borsov

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